Nett Lynch
VCISO (Virtual Chief Information Security Officer)

Nett Lynch is celebrating 25 years in IT this year.  She started her career fixing computers for Gateway (do you remember the Holstein cow motif and the cow print boxes?), then moved into Systems Engineering and then opened an MSP (before they were called MSP).  Nett has been in the MSP space for the last 15 years and focused on vCIO, business, leadership and management, and now vCISO, all while keeping the client experience at the center. 

Nett’s analytical brain found a passion for the structure of frameworks and security and her interpersonal skills translate these complicated topics into language the non-technical clients can understand and see the value in the solutions.  

In her spare time, Nett is a perpetual student and always has various active and planned courses as well as general learning material at hand.  While working on a post-grad certificate at Harvard, she is also studying German (for an upcoming trip to visit her daughter in Germany, who is attending the Sigmund Freud University studying Psychology) as well as studying American Sign Language and practicing yoga.   

Current books:  

  • The Communication habit (Katen) – how to improve your communication skills 
  • Cultish (Montell) – sociology and social psychology of humans 
  • Drive (Pink) – learning how to identify what motivates others 

It sounds like a lot of hobbies, but when you retire from Martial Arts, you need something else to fill your time.

None yet.