Susan Krautbauer
Sr. Director, Strategy & Development

📈 I help aspiring and early stage entrepreneurs gain clarity and put money in the bank through clear, actionable plans that maximize strengths, reset mindsets, mitigate blind spots, and optimize for consistent personal and professional growth.  


✅ Starting with an online business viability assessment, I work with my clients to capitalize on their innate strengths as well as build out busines strategies, marketing automation (oh yes, with AI too!) to grow their business in a matter of weeks; not months, not years. 


🏛️ How much do you know about the $56B Infrastructure Bill and how it intersects with MSP’s?  Social sector involvement has become an executive-level business issue given strong and rising interest from investors, consumers, employees and regulators and is an opportunity to build future-proof, resilient and sustainable relationships with your clients.   


📅 I’ve got more than 25 years of entrepreneurial experience and biz dev in the tech channel, as well as my current work in the digital equity sector, so let’s chat about how your technology organization can become involved in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.


🏆 Success—however YOU define it— is yours to grab. BOOK A CONVERSATION AT THE GENIUS CAFE to learn more.


====More about Susan====


Susan Krautbauer is the Senior Director for Strategy and Development for Digitunity (phonetic:  Digi-TOO-nity) a national nonprofit focused on advancing digital equity, with a particular emphasis on device ownership.  In 2022 alone, more than 50,000 donated computers were distributed to marginalized and underrepresented populations across North America through Digitunity, and resulted in over 859.7 tons of e-waste avoided.


Widely known as an industry expert in the areas of client development, sales management/operations, workforce development, product innovation and go-to-market models, Susan has been a key executive in six start-ups, with three successful exits. In her personal time, she works with aspiring and early-stage entrepreneurs, providing business strategy and work/life mentoring services. Susan is frequently invited to be a speaker or panelist at IT service, logistics, digital marketing, and work/life innovation forums throughout North America.